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Wed Feb 2 21:26:35 EST 2005

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Yeah, short of renting a booth at the fair, I would load up whatever
speech stuff you can on a laptop or some other portable device and
drag it down there and try to show it off.  It sounds like a big expo;
perhaps you could hook up with a local linux users group in your area
and get in that way so you would have a platform to work from. 

Yes, I agree the best way to get exposure to multiple areas would be
to show off our stuff at local user groups in our home areas.  I've
been meaning to do that in my area but that idea keeps falling into
the "round to-it" file <sigh>.

This is definitely a good idea though.  I thought blinux was supposed
to be some kind of repository of blind linux tools; isn't there an FTP
site there or something like that? I may be
completely off on that site name.

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