Trouble with listen-up

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Wed Feb 2 12:13:13 EST 2005

Hi Shane,

Yeh, unfortunately they are encrypted ... The mp3s read just fine, but
here's an easy way to tell: try opening up one of the .html files.

Take care,

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On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 02:21:33AM -0500, Sina Bahram wrote:
> RFB&D protects their daisy books with a propriotary encryption algorithm
> Does RNIB do the same?

Hmm, I'm not certain.  Do you know how to tell?  I tried playing a couple of
the mp3s using mpg321 and they play alright.  I thought Daisy was working on
copy protection, didn't realize they were there yet.

> Good luck with this problem: I'd be interested in getting a solution 
> to it, as I think it may lead to one, hopefully, for reading RFB&D 
> daisy formats without having to pay them for the software and/or 
> hardware, which I find ridiculous.

Indeed, I thought the Daisy spec was completely open and I found no
reference to encryption therein.
If that is actually the case and I'm not missing something, I would argue
that the rfbd titles are not Daisy compatible.

Shane Wegner

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