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Keith Watson Kwatson at
Tue Feb 1 19:33:50 EST 2005

Well my friend, as the url indicates,, 
it would seem that you have stumbled onto a linux list. Now I am 
not saying that you could not use linux to accomplish what you 
are attempting to do, but in my opinion why would you want to? 
Just reformat your hard drive and install a talking version of 
our favorite operating system and all will be good and more better.


On 10:26 AM, marvin hunkin wrote:
> Okay.
> what windows list should i subscribe to as regards using speech to create my
> project?
> that john himes said by using speakup, i could write a program to give
> speech feedback for installing windows.
> if this is not the right list about windows and how to use it for speech and
> accessability, then let me know.
> cheers marvin.
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