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Tue Feb 1 17:13:46 EST 2005

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On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 11:53:55 AM -0700, Sean McMahon wrote:
> I don't think I always had this problem with this version of speakup, but
> speakup now isn't saying when I'm typing something from the shell prompt then
> backspaceing over a character.  hitting the read current char key says nothing.
> This doesn't happen when I'm using mutt to write an email with nano as the
> editor.Before I call this a bugg, what parameters should I try to change in
> speakup?  My synth is a bns and the kernel is a custom 2.4.27 with a distro of
> debian sarge.

Not sure exactly, but I have had a similar problem with vim for some
time. The shell works fine though and vim works fine when run in screen
so maybe as a stop gap measure you can run screen and see if that fixes

HTH and sorry I don't have a real solution.

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