Having trouble to print out password line

Sean McMahon smcmahon at usgs.gov
Tue Feb 1 13:25:37 EST 2005

bash and tcsh tend to work better with jaws going over a remote connection.
Putty does sometimes have the backspace being seen as a control-h.  You have a
meriod of terminal options to fittle with in putty.  Alternatively, you can
install cygwin and ask the sys admin to install the terminal entry for cygwin at
your school.  You will not be able to hit backspace and make it work during an
emacs session or during an sftp session from the school's server to another
server. Cygwin is hard to install with jaws, so use putty if it works for you.
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> On Mon, Jan 31, 2005 at 04:00:26 PM -0600, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> > If you're connected with putty, then it sounds like you're using
> > windows at home, and are connecting remotely to the gnu/linux machine
> > at your school. If this is the case, then invoking the lpr command
> > would use your school's printer, and not your home printer.
> >
> > To retrieve previously typed commands, press up arrow until you get to
> > the command you want. Once you're on that command, you can move
> > through it with left/right arrow, use backspace to delete, and can of
> > course type new characters to make a new command out of the old one.
> Alternatively if your terminal type prevents this from working you can
> use ctrl+p and ctrl+n to move up and down through commands, and you can
> use ctrl+b and ctrl+f to move left and right respectively.
> Jaws/windoweyes are not likely to track the cursor very well though, so
> you might have a hard time editing commands, but going up and down
> through the history should work fine. Some day when you are feeling
> brave you can tackle "man bash" which is full of useful information, but
> is very long and its hard to remember all the details.
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