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Since you want to install Windows, you should be asking on a Windows
list instead of a Linux list.

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 02:00:12PM +1100, marvin hunkin wrote:
> Hi.
> can any one give me more suggestions about my proposed programming project.
> how do i create a character program that will allow me to have speech access
> to install windows?
> how do i create the user interface for this project?
> what programming language to code?
> please e-mail me off list with any info at all.
> cheers marvin.
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> I sent the message below to the  program-l list but I wanted to make sure
> you got it. Plus I thought of something to add... JAWS for DOS is
> available  free for download from their web site. I think this would allow
> you to make a CD that would boot DOS and speak via JAWS. So you might not
> have to use linux.
> >Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 09:07:01 -0600
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> >
> >I think it can be done...
> >
> >1) Create a bootable CD, perhaps even a linux bootable CD with a built in
> >speech synth. There's a linux distro called Oralux that already does this.
> >Could also be don insDOS.
> >
> >2) Write a character program like the installer programs that come with
> >every linux distro. This program runs automaticaly after boot.
> >
> >In the program:
> >a) Ask the user all the questions needed to install windos
> >b) Prompt the user to insert a diskette
> >c) Write a diskette for an unattended Windows installation
> >d) Prompt the user to replace the CD with their Windows Installation CD
> >e) Reboot
> >
> >to me, this ounds like about a semester of work for 3-5 people.
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