USB Serial Devices and Speakup

Zachary Z_kline at
Sun Oct 31 16:13:59 EST 2004

I'd appreciate it if you could attempt to get the thing to work.  Right now, 
it's all I've got to work with.  At first, I thought the port on my laptop 
was merely a female serial port.  No problem if that was the case, I could 
buy a male to female converter.  But it's some sort of video interface.
So, right now I'm sort of stuck working with a synthesizer that won't speak. 
Not being a skilled programmer, I can't say what should be done to fix this.
Unless, by some chance, the softsynth device will work with my sound card? 
I highly doubt this, I don't know if it's even included in the install 
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> As far as I know, speakup will not drive a synth connected via a
> serial to usb converter. This is because the addresses used by usb are
> different then the addresses used by standard serial ports. There is
> also the fact that the uarts in serial to usb converters differ from
> the standard 16550a uart in a standard serial port as far as I know.
> Since cvs speakup is now modularized, I was wondering for some time
> now if it might not be possible to drive a usb to serial connected
> synth, assuming that the synth driver in question was loaded as a
> module after the usb system came up, and if the serial synth module
> could accept i/o addresses as arguments. There would  of course be the
> problem of the different uarts, although I suspect that could be dealt
> with in some way as well. How about it Kirk? Would this be possible to
> implement? If so, then I just might play with speakup serial code, and
> see what I could figure out.
> Greg
> On Sun, Oct 31, 2004 at 11:33:26AM -0800, Zachary wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've given up with the keypad on my desktop, and anyway my laptop has got 
>> a
>> hard drive to spare.
>> I'm wondering how Speakup will recognize a Dectalk Express connected via 
>> a
>> USB serial adapter?  My laptop doesn't have any built in serial ports, 
>> and
>> so I have to use an adapter.
>> Do I have to supply extra Kernel options to get it to boot?  If not, how
>> can I start speech after the Kernel has detected the USB device? 
>> Assuming,
>> of course, that it supports it.
>> Thanks,
>> Zack
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