problems with burning audio cds with cdrecord

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sat Oct 30 10:37:29 EDT 2004

Hi all.
I'm having no problems burning data cds on FC2 with an atapi cdrw and kernel.
However, when I try to burn an audio cd, I get everything normal up 
through "operation starts"; then I get "trackno=0" and after a while I get 
indications of out-of-memory and processes being killed. I've had nothing 
else to indicate a memory problem. When cdrecord starts it says it's an 
experimental version with dvd support and may have bugs not found in the 
normal version.
I'm desperate, because I promised to burn audio cds for somebody.
The lines I'm using in my burning script is
cdrecord -eject speed=2 dev=/dev/hdc -audio 01.cdr 02.cdr

Thanks for any help.


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