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Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Sat Oct 30 10:26:47 EDT 2004

Hi Igor;

The good news is that, if you get a 3660 from T-Mobile (as I did,
actually), it's very easy to install Talks without sighted
assistance. The bad news is that you need Windows to do it (I don't
think any Series 60 interface software is available for
GNU/Linux). All you need to know for sure to do it is:

1. To turn on the infrared port, "connectivity" is the 15th option on
the menu, and "Infrared" is the 2nd, and

2. The infrared port is on the is on the left side of the phone, so
you know where to line it up.

I don't know if T-Mobile can install Talks for you or not before your
phone leaves their warehouse. They may be able to if you have a
T-Mobile store and buy it there. At any rate, I expect that doing it
yourself, or having someone else do it, will net you a faster install
than slogging through the red tape that's likely going to result in
having them put a procedure in place to handle this. 

I have been very happy with T-Mobile and won't change to
Cingular...for two reasons:

1. I have a global phone with T-Mobile, and the Cingular equivalents
are only for the U.S. market and

2. There's no Cingular service in Erie. 
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