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You are certainly entitled to an accessible phone by law and FCC
regulations. However, it's the company's option which model it provides
from among the several which could fill the bill for talking interfaces.
There are currently three such candidates for GSM networks, which both
Cingular and T-Mobile use.

I would strongly encourage you to pursue this with T-Mobile. The most
important thing you can do is to ask for a phone that meets your needs
and document who you talk to, what they tell you, and include date, time
and place in your notes. If you do not get satisfaction, the next step
becomes a complaint to the FCC.

I will be happy to help you, so feel free to write me off list.

I recommend you look at the following:


Igor Gueths writes:
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> Hi all. I realize that this may be in more of Janina's area, however figured I'd throw it out in case anyone else has any thoughts...My current cell provider is T-mobile, and I want to switch 
> phones. Specifically, I want to get a Nokia-3660 and have them install Talx on it. I am assuming of course, that the person I talk to won't know what I'm talking about when I mention the 
> program...Therefore, I believe I have to point them at Section 255 of the Communications act? I also think that describing to them a switch to Cingular will get them talking as well. Also 
> perhaps remind them of the fact that...I would buy the phone itself from them at a price that is determined by T-mobile in this case, however it would be their responsibility to give me the 
> phone in an accessible form? Did I cover all the points here...I think I did? Anyone think I am missing anything? Thanks!
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