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Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Thu Oct 28 20:58:00 EDT 2004

If anyone can help with this one, we would greatly appreciate it. I was
helping Larry Hart update a file sharing program, mutella, and we ran
into some puzzling problems. It seems like his computer was set up for
him with the command path arranged so that /usr/bin was searched before
/usr/local/bin, and so when the upgrade was installed into
/usr/local/bin, it could not immediately be found. The old version had
been installed in /usr/bin, and so of course it was found first.

We simply renamed the older executable to upper case, which permitted
the new version to be found okay. But that's when the trouble started!

The trouble is that now when he types a command to mutella, his
keystrokes echo multiple times, an extremely confusing amount of
feedback. I should add that I myself have installed the new version
width no such problem. In fact I have never seen that problem in any
applications on my own system. Larry tells me he used to see that
problem, the multiple keystroke echos, in several other applications,
including the older version of mutella, but someone figured out a fix
for it. unfortunately he does not know what that fix was, and somehow
between us we managed to break it.

Does this make sense to anyone? Has anyone seen this multiple echoing of
keystrokes before? Larry is using a Fedora Core 1 distro with a TCSH
shell, with speakup and a Dectalk PC synthesizer. My own environment,
which behaves properly under all these circumstances, is a Slackware
distro, a Bash shell, speakup with a Doubletalk LT. (that's L T, not

It's no wonder Good Samaritans are hard to find these days.

If I have misstated the problem, perhaps Larry will provide more

Oh -- one more possibly relevant clue -- when I log onto his system
remotely and run his version of mutella, I see the same craziness
remotely as he sees locally. But when I return to my own system and run
the same version of mutella here, it works correctly.

I think I'm getting too old for this shit.


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