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what is the linux audio list info didn't know there was a linux audio list 
for the vblind
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>I believe the original post had to do with serving streams which would
> be a job for icecast--assuming we're talking audio.
> When you ask about tools, the list gets very long indeed. For that I
> would suggest the Linux Audio lists. Some of the basics, though, are
> sox, and ecasound.
> I am currently adding tracks to some studio sessions using ecasound.
> Karen Lewellen writes:
>> I realize I may be starting a fight, but care to give me a list of
>> Internet broadcasting tools which work in Linux?
>> I ask for two reasons,  all of the spectrum radio people I talk with, as
>> in on the dial radio tell me that while they would love to use Linux for
>> things like editing  and  other work when it crosses over to the net, it
>> is just not stable.
>> Second one of the most respected blind Internet broadcasters Steve Wolf, 
>> I
>> believe that is his first name
>> at
>> told me the same thing when I asked the same question that all his
>> broadcasting related things were still done in Windows.  Granted these
>> people are used to working in the traditional broadcasting industry, not
>> just putting something together from home.
>> Still no one knows everything on Linux, and things change all the time
>> with upgrades.  And it has been a while since I asked Steve at least.
>> so, may I just have a list of useful tools, and if such tools are more
>> commonly found in one Distribution than another?
>> Thanks,
>> Karen
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