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On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 07:25:53PM -0400, John McCann wrote:
> 1. How does one go into "single user" mode?

You would do that with the command

telinit x

as root, where x is the number of the run level to switch to. As for
which run levels control what, I believe that is
distribution-specific. In slackware, run level 1 is the single user
run level, and 3 is the multiuser run level for running text consoles
without running the x window system.

> 2. What is telinit?

The best answer I can give you is to read the telinit(8) manual page,
which will tell you all you ever wanted to know.

> and
> 3. What is a run level?

Hmmm, well, this may not be the best answer, but a run level is a
state in which the system can be. For example, such a state could be
run in single user mode, allowing only one person to be logged in at a
time, or this state could be multiuser mode, where multiple users can
login. This is most likely not the best answer, but again, the
init/telinit man pages might answer this better, or someone else here
will provide a better answer then I have.


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