Internet Broadcasting

John McCann lists at
Wed Oct 27 20:02:42 EDT 2004

Hank wrote:

"you can't cross faid with linux and I have yet to find a consol program
that does this sort of thing
any one know something I don't?"

If they do, I hope that they will speak to speak, <smile>!

What I ultimately envision doing is a radio show on either ACB radio or the
"for the people" (FTP, not to be confused with "file transfer protocol")
site. I don't know whether or not anyone who is doing internet broadcasting
on either of those sites is using a linux box to do so.

Now, when Janina responded to my initial post, she did say:

"Seems to me that linux would be a more stable and more accessible server 
for that  [internet broadcasting]."

I believe that the folks I know who are doing internet broadcasting are 
using their computers as music terminals or studios which stream content up 
to some other server which people then log on to; hence, were I to do this, 
I don't believe my computer would be acting as a server.

My primary motivation for becoming conversant with linux was because I 
wanted to host my own http and ftp sites. Now, if my father said this once 
in his life, he said it ten thousand times: "The right tool for the right 
job." (He worked in construction all his life.) So, given my desire to 
self-host my own domain, and with
the above-quoted montra in mind, there was no way I was going to use 
microsoft's software for that task, with all its security flaws, 
instability, etc. However, if, in fact,  what Hank believes is 
correct...that their is no linux software that supports cross-fading, then 
windows, even with all its flaws, may be the "right tool" for that, the 
"internet dj", job. Indeed, less than an hour ago, I read Sean McMahon's 
post about the availability of OCR software running under linux.

The point of this discussion being simply this; (and I'm not pointing any 
fingers at any specific individuals on this list; I am oftimes perturbed by 
a pervasive attitude which seems to exist in certain sectors of the linux 
community which holds that anyone who uses microsoft software is the 
anti-christ. Hey, you use what you got to use...or what you know how to get the job done in the way that you want or need for it to be 
done. I would exhort those who hold the aforementioned view to allow it to 
serve as a motivation for working toward the day when the catalog of 
application programs written for linux is every bit as robust as that 
written for windows, which operating system, whether those in the linux 
community would care to acknowledge it or not, (and irrespective of how they 
or anyone else feels about it) is the predominant operating system today.


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