Internet Broadcasting

John McCann lists at
Wed Oct 27 18:09:10 EDT 2004

Janina writes:

"Why would you choose Windows for Internet broadcasting? Seems to me Linux
is a more stable and more accessible server for that."

True. Thought about that after I sent the message. The plan someday (and I
do mean someday) is to do a show on ACB radio. Now, by the time I get around
to moving forward on that agenda, my linux awareness / linux skills will, in
all probability, be at the point where using the linux box would be a viable
option, not to mention that its no doubt the more desirable option for the
reason you stated.

I don't need to be sold on the stability of linux; having only rebooted  my
machine once since late september; and that only having been done because I
couldn't remember the "service vsftpd restart" command after having made
necessary modifications to my vsftpd.conf file, <smile>!


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