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Yeah but you should have some idea of what you are saying "yes" to or
"no" to.  Example, the defaults do not enable speakup nor any of the
available synthesizers so you have to alter those answers.  There may
also be stuff in there not compatible with your computer's hardware.
The initial configuration step can be a real tedious bitch but we all
have to go through it at least once.  After that, I save my .config
file and replace it each time I plan a new kernel build.  Then I can
do a "make oldconfig' and it will be pretty much all automatic except
for any new options introudced with this latest kernel.

On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 09:24:15PM -0700, ace wrote:
> What do you mean by answer every single question?  I did; I just pressed
> enter to each one of them, taking the default setting.  Isn't that
> acceptable?

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