CDR or CDRW Disks

Butch Bussen butchb at
Tue Oct 26 11:52:12 EDT 2004

You can use the audio only cds in your computer.  The recording industry 
decided to cash in on music stand alone recorders, so they required that 
these recorders look for a specific fingerprint on a cd before it would go 
into the record mode.  We use to use the swap trick on Philips, but that 
is another story.  That is the only difference.  In fact, if you do a full 
erase on a audio or music only c d r w, you'll erase the special mark and 
it will no longer work in the recorder, so do the erasing of these c d r w 
music disks only in the stand alone recorder.  Hope all this makes sense.

Butch Bussen

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