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Tue Oct 26 10:55:25 EDT 2004

funky I have partitioned using pm magic using nt with out a hitch
that is so wierd
you shouldn't have a problem doing this
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> Hello folks,
>  After a very frustrating laptop hard disk failure, I am back up and
>  running. This last weekend I decided to get Linux re-installed onto
>  my computer in case of another drive failure. I have noticed,
>  though, that my hard drive simply will not repartition itself when I
>  use Partition Magic. Is this a property of NTFS under Windows? If
>  so, will fdisk in the Slackware setup be able to resize the
>  partitions on the drive so I can install it? Sorry for the somewhat
>  abckwards question, but I can't see any way around this aside from
>  reformatting the drive, which right now isn't an option.
>  Thanks very much for any assistance,
>  Steve
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