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Hi Monte:

Did this only six weeks ago, which is how long I've been using linux; so I'm 
a real newby.

Okay, I take it you know exactly where the four fedora II iso image disks 
are. Open up nero; right arrow over to "recorder"; down arrow to "burn ISO 
image. From there, essentially just follow the prompts to create the four 
CDs you'll need. I'm going to assume that you're familiar with nero; in any 
case, I'm not going to do a nero tutorial here; I'll work with you off list 
if it comes to that.

Now, there is an installation howto on the speak-up page; I had a sighted 
friend here and an elementary school buddy (Bill Acker) on the phone helping 
me with the installation, but it can be done independently, and Bill has 
always represented that he's willing to talk folks through it over the 
phone, evenings and weekends.



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>I have downloaded the Fedora 2 isos. Using Nero in windows, what do I
> need to do to make these disks. boot from the cd drive at startup?
> Thanks,
> Monte
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