Slackware 10.0 and Windows XP Installation Issue

Zachary Z_kline at
Sat Oct 23 13:22:05 EDT 2004

Thanks for the advice.  I have some programs that can resize the Windows XP 
partition for me.  Trust me, this hard drive is about 70 GB or so.  I have 
more than I will ever need for Linux.
I also know how much unused space exists on that partition.  I can just move 
it, and won't destroy any data.
I'm not sure how I'd handle the multiple boot process, however.  Well, we'll 
Thanks again,
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> Hi Zachary, and welcome to the list and to gnu/linux.
> It is very likely that your wireless card isn't supported by the linux
> kernel, especially given the fact that this is a USB wireless card. I
> am not a wireless hardware user though, so I could be wrong. Don't
> however hold your breath though.
> As for booting both slackware and windows xp, you may be able to use a
> windows tool such as partition magic to resize your windows xp
> partition, thus freeing some room on your hard drive for
> slackware. Another option is to backup your windows, wipe out your
> windows partition, recreate a smaller one in its place, and restore
> your windows backup to the new smaller windows partition. If neither
> of these methods are an option for you, then I would suggest
> installing a second hard drive for gnu/linux into your system. Hth.
> Greg
> On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 09:48:50PM -0700, Zachary wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've decided to make a switch to Linux, if not as my primary operating
>> system, as my secondary one.  I must warn you that I am not a 
>> particularly
>> experienced person.
>> My small problem concerns a Linux quirk, not a Speakup one.  I just want 
>> to
>> be able to use the same internet setup I use with Windows, with Linux.
>> This means that I need to use my Wireless network adapter.  This is a USB
>> device.
>> Unfortunately, Linux doesn't see it.  It is from Belkin, identified in
>> Windows as "Belkin 11MBPS Wireless USB Network Adaptor."
>> I am also concerned about partitions and Duel Booting. I am not ready to
>> destroy Windows just yet.  If anyone could help with this, I would 
>> greatly
>> appreciate it.
>> Thanks,
>> Zachary Kline
>> PS: Hello to everybody on the list.
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