strange cable

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Thu Oct 21 17:36:32 EDT 2004

If it is for a voice mate, it is just an adapter using pins 2, 3, and
ground. It would probibly not work with anyther device because the computer
would expect to recieve checksum bits as it sent data. If you can just send
data as text, no protocals, (cat myfile > /dev/ttyS0), then cat /dev/ttyS0 >
myfile), it may work. You'll have to try it.
Bare in mind that it may not be for the voice mate, I just have a cable that
fits that description and it's for my voice mate.

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Is that one of those digital voice note recorders? Does that mean that
this could be usable with a regular tape player?


On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 02:18:49PM -0700, Jason Custer wrote:
> It's probably the data cable for a parrot voice mate.

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