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Hi Greg:

Okay, it probably can be used for any number of things, but, as a radio 
amateur / scanner enthusiast, I have most often seen cables such as these in 
connection (no pun intended) with software programs that allow you to 
download frequency and configuration information. The Icom CI5 standard 
comes to mind, though, having been away from the aforementioned hobbies now 
for some time, I dare say that that standard has been superceded by 
something technology being what it is.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but, to state the patently obvious, whatever 
is on the "one eighths inch" end of the connection is a device which is 
expecting to see serially-transmitted ASCII data at some voltage level or 


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> Hi all.
> I just found this strange cable here. One end is a standard 9-pin
> serial port connector, and the other end is what looks like a 1/8 inch
> standard headphone connector.
> Does anyone know what this is used for? I thought that it might be
> used to do backups onto a tape via a serial port maybe, but I didn't
> want to plug one end into a serial port, and the other end into a
> microphone jack of a tape player, and risk frying one or both
> devices. BTW, the serial port end does in fact plug into a serial port
> just fine, and the headphone end plugs into a headphone socket on a
> tape player, or any other device with a headphone jack just fine as
> well. Thanks.
> Greg
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