network device detection with FC2

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Oct 20 11:45:09 EDT 2004

Off the top of my head I don't recall what driver is used for that card,
but you should be able to find this via /etc/modules.conf (or the newer
/etc/modprobe.conf) in your previous installation--if you have a back of
/etc, for example.

If you need the driver during installation, you can switch consoles and
modprobe it in.

Worst case, it will not be that hard to add your network settings
later. The key is finding the appropriate driver. If you don't have a
backup of /etc, then you need to identify which driver that card
requires. The rest of the configuration is a matter of about 4 files
that you can easily edit by hand.

Cheryl Homiak writes:
> Hi all.
> A few months ago I did a speakup-modified FC2 install on my laptop. My
> network card was detected with no problem and I was prompted to set it up.
> Now i'm installing FC2 on my desktop, using the October 15th installation
> isos from the site. But I went through the installation screens three
> times and I was never prompted for my network--though I did get the
> firewall screen which I believe should come after it. Am I missing
> something here or is it my 3com 3c509 card that isn't being detected or
> what? I finally am going ahead with installing the packages, but this
> means
> I'll have to probably work on the network after the install is completed
> and I wasn't planning on having to do that.
> I did do a google search and found a couple other complaints about the
> 3c509 not working but I didn't find a solution or a reason. I'm starting
> to get a complex about this card; first debian wouldn't recognize it in an
> install--though now you can choose it from a list and it works--and now
> this!!!
> Any input would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
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> Cheryl
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