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Speaking of Lynx and Links, can some of you experts discuss what the advantages and disadvantages are of each of them.  As a newbie, they seem pretty darn similar to me.  I have also noticed that W3m looks pretty good, and it has the cool feature of letting you use the arrow keys to navigate the document.  (It uses Tab to move from link to link.)


>>> janina at Thursday, October 14, 2004 9:23:16 AM >>>
Oops. I totaly missed seeing that.

Guess I need another pot of coffee this morning.


Luke Yelavich writes:
> On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 09:10:54PM EST, Leslie Fairall wrote:
> > Does anyone know if you can change the user-agent string in links the 
> > chain? I use the cat with Bank of America by doing this, but would like to 
> > have access to some features that require Javascript. I wish there was a 
> > way where I could save the user-agent string whenever I go to the website. 
> > Does anyone else do the same thing? Thanks.
> Yes you can do this. Go into the settings menu, and choose the network
> options. A quick way is simply to press ALT + S, then N. Find the HTTP
> options, and press enter on it. In there, there is a field that you can
> type in a different user agent. It is called fake user agent, and one of
> the last options in this window.
> Hope this helps.
> Luke
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