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Thu Oct 14 09:09:10 EDT 2004

The email message below appeared on a different blind users list than
where you've recently posted your suggestions for key bindings in links.
I've sent this message to blinux as well because that's where you

While the message below isn't about key bindings, it does request an
important feature that is present in lynx (the cat), and missing in
links (the chain). I'm forwarding it on to you as a use case and a user
requirement in the expectation that's it's a fairly simple thing to

Regretably many web sites that ignore the W3C's markup guidance in
support of accessibility also abuse the user agent data provided by the
http header. It would be very helpful if links (the chain) could provide
the workaround already available in lynx (the cat).

I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this request.

Leslie Fairall writes:
> Does anyone know if you can change the user-agent string in links the 
> chain? I use the cat with Bank of America by doing this, but would like to 
> have access to some features that require Javascript. I wish there was a 
> way where I could save the user-agent string whenever I go to the website. 
> Does anyone else do the same thing? Thanks.
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