Erik Heil eheil at va3duk.serveftp.com
Tue Oct 12 14:24:55 EDT 2004

Hi their.  I deleted my /var/log/messages file in hope that I'd save some 
space (it was approaching 75MB in size.)  I've noticed their are files 
names messages.1, messages.2, etc.  WShould I have done this a different 
way?  B/c from what I can see, /var/log/messages hasn't been re-created, 
if that's what supposed to occur.  And what are the purpose of these .1, 
.2, etc?  B/c I'm confused and couldn't find any documentation on what 
they represent.  /var/log/lastlog is pretty self explanatory though.

Erik Heil <eheil at va3duk.serveftp.com>
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