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Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Tue Oct 12 13:47:40 EDT 2004

You cannot install using software speech for the installation. If you
want speech during the install, you'll need to use a hardware speech
synthesizer which is supported. Once your system is installed, you can
certainly configure software speech. You can even switch back and forth
between software and hardware speech. You just can't install with
software speech.

Your other question ...

Yes, 3 Gb is a lot of data. There are two philosophies that you can
choose between:

1.)	Install the bare minimum to get a system working. Anything else
that you may want would have to be dealt with later. Distributions of
this persuasion include Debian and Slackware.

2.)	Install everything (or at least everything for a particular kind
of system, e.g. server, graphical workstation, etc.) up front. This is
the Fedora approach.

Jason Custer writes:
> Hello,
> I would like to install linux on my laptop. I would like to use speakup and
> gnopernicus.
> I must use software speech because I don't want to drag a hardware synth
> around everywhere.
> How can this be accomplished? Do I install via telnet?
> is there a boot cdrom with software speech that can get me started?
> I was thinking about installing fidora, but it seems extreamly large (2 to 5
> gb). Is that the case or is it just me?
> I know this is a lot to answer over email, so links to tutorials or
> documentation would be just as useful.
> This seems like a common problem, and if one doesn't already exist, I will
> write a howto when I figure out what I am doing.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jason
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