Feature Request

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Fri Oct 8 11:28:45 EDT 2004

Speaking as one who has recently (and with trepidation) cracked a Python
book or two:

Might Speakup be more helpful regarding white space at the beginning of
a line? Those who know about such things will immediately recognize that
this kind of information is critical in languages like Python.

I would suggest two ways to get useful data like this. Either or both
would do the trick, I'm sure.

1.)	A configurable toggle to announce, in a different pitched voice,
the number of white space elements at the beginning of a line. So, for
two tab chars it would say "two," and for 4 spaces (ASCII 32) it would
say "four." I believe asap for DOS did something like this.

2.)	A togglable configuration feature that beeps the speaker. So, 2
tabs would yield two beeps. This would probably be less valuable in
circumstances where there are many white space chars -- 8 beeps for 8
spaces might be less helpful, in other words.

What'ch'ya think, Kirk?

Yes, yes, I know. I should be able to just send you a patch. But, I'm
just beginning to crack the books! <grin>

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