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Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Fri Oct 8 11:02:10 EDT 2004

This does indeed make a lot of sense, Butch.

Installing the kernels is not at all hard. And, yes, you will be able to
install with speech using the 4 disk images from the Speakup Modified
Fedora site. And, when you finish, you'll have a a talking kernel
all ready for use.

Butch Bussen writes:
> Yes, irlp is using ffedora, well the new stuff is.  we're presently 
> running redhat 9, but my understanding they're moving over to fedora and I 
> think we'll be updated.  I'd be interested in the kernels, but not sure 
> I'd know how to install them.  I was booting from a floppy to install 
> their system from scratch and had all kinds of problems.  I had to get 
> sighted help to do all this, and it was a real pain.  I sure wish I'd had 
> speech for that.  I haven't opened my new box yet, but if it will boot 
> from the cd, I can download the images from the linux-speakup page.  I 
> think it says I need four disks.
> Thanks.
> I guess this doesn't make a lot of sense, what I'm wondering is how hard 
> it is to install the kernels you have for speech once I'm upgraded to 
> fedora on the irlp box.
> 73s
> Butch Bussen
> wa0vjr
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