a kirkcentric mailing list

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Fri Oct 8 07:38:20 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,  I wanted to mention that because I have received
quite a few requests for articles and messages in areas I am very
interested in, I have set-up a mailing list I called kirkaganda.  I
was torn between that name and egomail which I'm sure some of you will
get the reference.  This list will mostly be things that I find or
others send me in the field of space, nanotechnology, anonymous
networks and the Electronic Fronteer Foundation.

If anyone is interested they can subscribe to
kirkaganda-request at wits-end.braille.uwo.ca with the usual subscribe in
the subject line or body of the message.  For those of you not
interested I apologize for the inconvenience!



Kirk Reiser				The Computer Braille Facility
e-mail: kirk at braille.uwo.ca		University of Western Ontario
phone: (519) 661-3061

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