fw debian speakup installation problems

Sean McMahon smcmahon at usgs.gov
Thu Oct 7 14:10:18 EDT 2004

Does this problem happen when you first stick the cd in or after you reboot?
The keyword for the bns is speakup_synth=bns  lowercase letters.  Does this
computer communicate with your echo when not using speakup?  Here I'm making the
bold assumption that you have some other type of screen reader on that computer.
If you can't get your echo to talk, at all on that computer, it could be your
cerial port is disabled in the bios.  If this isn't the case and it does work
with other screen readers, you will need more investigation.  Remember when you
looked in the readme file on the iso that the iso has both speakup and
non-speakup kernels.  I found when I typed speakup_synth=bns at the prompt, that
worked no initial linux on that command.

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Subject: fw debian speakup installation problems

> > hello I have the following system I am trying to get debian on.
> > p4 2.4 ghz
> > debian cd iso downloaded off of speakup site
> > the sarge
> > my 2 synthisizers I have access to is 1 echo pc external and 2 a keynote
> > external synth think its keynote sa or something like that.
> > when I type in linux speakup_synth=bnx for the echo supposively the echo
> > works with drivers for bns the normal choose language screen comes up
> > any ideas why the thing isn't working?
> > thanks
> > hank
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