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Thu Oct 7 13:23:19 EDT 2004

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Since we're on this topic, I was over at a friend's house one day, and
wanted to login to my gnu/linux box. However, he has windows xp, and
after a bit of searching, I was unable to come up with a free ssh
client that would run under windows xp. So, does anyone know of a free
(as in beer, not necessarily as in speech) ssh client that would be
accessible with window-eyes, and that would run under windows xp for
when I'm over by his place, or by someone else? I did try teraterm,
but that doesn't seem to be able to run under windows xp. Thanks.


On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 12:22:28PM -0400, Richard Wells wrote:
> Hi Butch,
> I use Open SSH when in the Windows environment. It runs as a console 
> application so you will have to use either a Windows screen reader like Jaws 
> that reads those well or a dos screen reader.
> Contact me off list if you need help either acquiring this terminal 
> application or if you need help setting it up.
> Thanks

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