Fw: Calling non Windows users

Erik Heil eheil at va3duk.serveftp.com
Thu Oct 7 10:32:05 EDT 2004

Hi Cheryl. Actually, to tell you the truth, Freedombox is usable by the 
sighted community.  I have a visually impaired friend here and when he 
came up to my apartment, he could actually see the pictures of cell phones 
that he was looking for.  Since Mozilla in its native form isn't 
accessible yet (we're making good progress towards it, but the Gnopernicus 
people need to try and communicate better with the Mozila Accessibility 
Dev Team), this was my only option, and it works great.  As for paying for 
Freedombox, I just payed the $25 up front.  Now if it supported Festival, 
then arguably that fee would not be imposed, but that's another issue 

Erik Heil <eheil at va3duk.serveftp.com>
Phone: (865) 673-0542

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