cdrecord errors during audio CD creation on 2.6.81

David Csercsics david at
Tue Oct 5 12:48:50 EDT 2004

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>Hi guys.  Recently after upgrading to 2.6.81, I can no longer burn audio 
>CD's with cdrecord.  In this instance, it got up to track 4, then produced 
>the following output:
There are a few problems here. A newer version of cdrecord was released
fairly recently. That fixes the problem you are having somewhat. I
happen to know that you're using Fedora and it was mentioned on the
author's website that Fedora and a couple other distros ship munged
versions of the package. Take the author's advice and build cdrtools
from source. Directions for doing so can be found here:
That page does not point you at the latest version but if you look on
freshmeat there is a project page for cdrtools that has the latest
one. The author of the cdrtools studff has some silly belief that
everyone should use Solaris. He also thinks that GNU Make doesn't work
correctly. When you compile cdrtools make will spam your screen with
silly warnings and things about how out of date it is and how the make
developers aren't maintaining the code and such. It will even go to the
trouble of beeping your terminal in case you didn't realize that there
were the warnings. I'm pointing this out so you don't think something
is wrong with your compiler or something while you're building this. The
other thing is that you'll get warnings about the syntax "dev=/dev/hdd"
being unsupported and bla bla bla but ignore that it will work fine. You
also must burn cd's as root with because the author claims that
the SCSI    interface is broke in that kernel. Note that having cdrecord
suid root isn't going to work. Youy will get warnings about not being
root if you run cdrecord as your regular user. Also you'll get warnings
even when cdrecord is run as root about not selecting a default mode of
oparation and a few other things, though there is a workaround for this
last one if you put the mode setting in your /etc/default/cdrecord file
I think it's called. See the man page for that. I think that's all the
silly things about cdrecord I can think of right now. Hopefully that
should help and clear a few things up.
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