several things I don't understand and need for Speakup-HOWTO

Janina Sajka janina at
Sun Oct 3 07:59:59 EDT 2004

Don't we actually have a better path for controlling all these via the
Insert+[some-key] feature in Speakup?

And, come to think of it, that feature needs a name. Does it have one
and I just forgot? It's quite the nice help facility, and I use it all
the time to adjust a few things like pitch and speed. But, I also see
there are a lot more control functions than I know there. For example,
I'm just beginning to explore the Insert+{function-key} features, as in
Insert+F5, just to come back to the punctuation thing.

Chuck Hallenbeck writes:
> Thomas,
> Most of those are a mystery to me too, except for punct. That variable
> in the dtlk/ltlk drivers is used to set the hardware synth's
> "punctuation level", which among other things, determines if a string of
> digits is pronounced digit by digit, or spoken as a single number: 123
> could be "one two three" or "one hundred twenty three". The default of
> "7" can be changed to "15" to change this behavior.
> Chuck
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