Speech dispatcher, speechd-up and DECtalk.

Luke Yelavich themuso at themuso.com
Sun Oct 3 06:03:06 EDT 2004

On Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 07:48:47PM EST, Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
> Hynek,
> Also, if speechdispatcher is run in a bootup script with the explicit
> path specified to it, there may still be a path problem. The
> dtk-generic file invokes "say" without a path specification, so once
> again a potential path problem arises. Two solutions occur to me:
> 1. modify dtk-generic to include the path to "say" at the invocation
> point; or

Good idea.

> 2. in the top level script which invokes speechdispatcher, include
> something like this
> PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin
> so that wherever speechdispatcher might have been installed, it will
> know how to find "say" even if it appears by name only.

I might add these modification myself, and see if that makes a difference.


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