several things I don't understand and need for Speakup-HOWTO

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Hi all. There are several small things I don't quite understand and I
would like to explain them in my speakup howto (you know the one I have
been talking about for some time but still been to lazy to finish).

First there are several items in /proc/speakup that I don't really get.
These are cursor_time, delay_time, ex_num, full_time,jiffy_delta, punct,
say_control, say_word_ctl, and trigger_time. Some explanation on some or
all of these things would help quite a bit. I know several are hardware
related and really don't need to be fiddled with, but which ones and
why? I am certain I will have more questions as I get back into writing
this thing, but knowing these would be nice. Thanks and sorry for such a
long time without producing anything concrete.

If you want to look at what I have so far it is available at
The xml source is in the same place just replace html with xml. Of
course suggestions, corrections, additions, ETC. are appreciated I know
some of it is out of date and I am working on a section about software
synthesizers. I will be updating the page as I write so it'll change
fast *hopefully*.

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