Speech dispatcher, speechd-up and DECtalk.

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Oct 2 10:15:47 EDT 2004

Hi, Luke:

I don't know about how to get this all into one script.

But, you have been successful where I haven't. Do you mind sharing your
DEC Talk configuration? the file under /usr/local/etc?

Also, are you using speech-dispatcher-0.5?

Luke Yelavich writes:
> Hi all.
> I am using DECtalk software with speech dispatcher, speechd-up and speakup.
> it works fine, but for one small problem.
> I am unable to load everything from one script, I.E speech-dispatcher gets
> loaded first, then speakup, and then speechd_up. When run from a script, DECtalk
> does not speak, however when loaded by hand, it comes up talking with no
> apparent problems.
> I have tried adding small sleep periods and large ones, to what seems like no
> avail.
> Suggestions welcome.
> Thanks
> Luke
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