Laptop keymap... was: battery on notebook

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Fri Oct 1 12:58:03 EDT 2004

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Well the reason I ask is I never got a genmap binary out of the Make
run.  Does the keymap get generated by some other means? Oh, I see
now; I took a look at the rest of the makefile and there's stuff in
there.  I sure don't quite understand the new Makefile layout.  I
guess that's a 2.6 kernel thing.  Apparently when I last built this
(CVS from June 7th, the compile must not have worked with genmap.
When I tried it now, it seems that there's something missing.  I'll
have to give the kernel a try with make and see if genmap gets
built properly.  I'll have the latest CVS pull from yesterday which
has a date of Aug on it.

On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 04:08:38PM -0400, Ameer Armaly wrote:
> If you look down, you'll see something similar, but with a lot of $(src) in 
> it; this is the 2.6 stuff. Kirk says that 2.6 handles these things 
> differently, so there has to be a different type of target.
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> >Hey, I just noticed something very strange here.  I just looked around
> >and I don't have a genmap anymore.  Upon further investigation, it
> >appears that it only gets built if the kernel version is 2.4.  I say
> >this after looking at the Makefile.
> >ifeq ($V,2.4)
> >... all make targets for genmap and the keymap.h ...
> >endif
> >Any reason for that?  Is there an alternative for 2.6 or should this
> >conditional come out?
> >
> >I just checked out a new speakup and see this right now.
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