switching consoles

Jude DaShiell dashielljt at gmpexpress.net
Tue Dec 31 19:14:38 EST 2002

ctty it appears is a redhat specific command.  It does not show up in
slackware either but I did have it working in redhat earlier and read
about it in 2 cent tips on the linuxgazette page in an early issue.
There may be other equivalents in both systems, would be nice for scripts
and will search man pages for tty programs and see what if anything shows
up over here..  The advice about hitting return if a screen hasn't been
logged in in order to get a login prompt is correct for redhat and
slackware at least redhat 7.0 and 7.2 and slackware 8.0.

Jude <dashielljt(at)gmpexpress-dot-net>

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