switching consoles

Jude DaShiell dashielljt at gmpexpress.net
Mon Dec 30 17:02:24 EST 2002

Also remember to hit return after you've used say alt-f2 or alt-f1, that
tells the system you want to login if you've not done so already.  Once
you've logged in and switch between logged in tasks it's not necessary to
hit return hater switching screens.  Your default when you power up is
alt-f1.  Something else, you don't need to use alt-f2 to move to screen 2
if you don't want to.  You can use ctty 2 or ctty 3 or ctty 1 on the
command line and do the same thing.

Jude <dashielljt(at)gmpexpress-dot-net>

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