Is there a list of radio links?

Steve Holmes steve at
Mon Dec 30 12:22:21 EST 2002

No, I am doing all this from the linux side.  It might well be
compatible with IE and Winamp but I'm trying to ensure that linux
users can still listen to the service.  What I have to do now is use
speakup's cut/paste feature to harvest the direct URL and paste that
into the commandline for zinf audio player.  I eventually put that
into my own .m3u file for acbri so I don't have to remember that
address each time.  I need to check main menu again to see if that
still works.  Last time I was there, there was an extraneous '\'
character in the front of the playlist which broke it for lynx and
zinf and trplayer.  I had to download the playlist, edit out the
character and then manually run zinf to play it.  It would be nice to
have seemless integrtion with lynx to play these streams like the
winblows users do.

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 05:59:42AM -0500, ccrawford at wrote:
> 	did you go to the web site and select Interactive through winamp?  
> I am copying thiws to Jonathan so he can answer your question.
> -- charlie.
> On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Steve Holmes wrote:
> > While we're on the subject of radio stations, I notice that acb radio
> > interactive has gone to a new method of posting the streaming
> > addresses.  The PHP script sends back a file containing the URL but
> > lynx no longer sees at as a proper MIME type.  I don't suppose this
> > belongs on this list but I really don't know who to contact on this.
> > Also, they have an OGG/vorbis stream now but I haven't been able to
> > get it to work at all.  I tried both zinf and ogg123.  I verified that
> > ogg123 works for me this afternoon with egoplay.ogg and it streams
> > perfectly with my ALSA drivers installed.
> > 
> > Also while looking for radio streams, I wonder how many ogg/vorbis
> > streams we can find:).
> > 
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