Keyboard Programming

Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Dec 29 23:03:50 EST 2002

I've been seeing some interesting posts about using some of those
enhancement keys such as the win key and all that.  I'm wondering if
there is a way to use the win key as an enhancement like we do with
the alt key.  When I tried it from the shell prompt, it had no
effect.  Showkey does identify scan codes for the down and up
strokes.  I understand how that can be used for keymaps but what about
generall applications such as with curses?

Also on another question, how about these keyboards they have now with
the extra buttons across the top for pre-programmed functions common
for windows users? Is there any way we linux users can take advantage
of those additional keys?  I don't know if the scan codes are
detectable with linux or not.  I don't presently own such a keyboard.
However, I have a wide keyboard here with three extra keys below the
typical "six-pack" keys and showkey doesn't intercept those keys

Any ideas out there?

Happy New Year!
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