Is there a list of radio links?

Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Dec 29 22:31:23 EST 2002

While we're on the subject of radio stations, I notice that acb radio
interactive has gone to a new method of posting the streaming
addresses.  The PHP script sends back a file containing the URL but
lynx no longer sees at as a proper MIME type.  I don't suppose this
belongs on this list but I really don't know who to contact on this.
Also, they have an OGG/vorbis stream now but I haven't been able to
get it to work at all.  I tried both zinf and ogg123.  I verified that
ogg123 works for me this afternoon with egoplay.ogg and it streams
perfectly with my ALSA drivers installed.

Also while looking for radio streams, I wonder how many ogg/vorbis
streams we can find:).
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