speakup.i scsi conflict followup

Jude DaShiell dashielljt at gmpexpress.net
Sun Dec 29 19:13:04 EST 2002

Interesting, I've been having some progress over here.  When I included st
suddenly cdrecord worked to the point that -scanbus produced a device
table for me.  Fortunately, /dev/sda4 shows up as my parallel 250 zip
drive.  Unfortunately, that's all that's in the device table.  I'm going
to check the pasture directory and see if that's where slackware 8.0
burried sr.o.gz.  Fortunately I probably can buy a micro-solutions
backpack parallel cd burner if this stuff from lg electronics doesn't
start working by tuesday.  The gscd.o driver doesn't work on any default
interface addresses.  I wouldn't mind this except the box had slackware
3.5 on the box and ultimately if this cannot work this is just one of
those "marketing tool" things where truth in advertising and labeling get
trashed.  No federal enforcement this is what comes back.

Jude <dashielljt(at)gmpexpress-dot-net>

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