slackware and speakup with dsl question

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Fri Dec 27 19:45:44 EST 2002

I do not have that particular card, but in my kernel's config
file  the name of that driver has the letter 'e' in it twice:
'eepro100', and in my kernel the driver is compiled into the
kernel. That means there is no separate module by that name, no
matter how many 'e's it is spelled with! <smile> I don't know why
your card is not being recognized by the netconfig script, but it
is not totally necessary for the driver to be found in a module
in case it was compiled into the kernel.

Check with "ifconfig eth0" to see if it can be found that way.


On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Ed Barnes wrote:

> Hi.
> Frankly, though I use windows on a couple of pcs here and I am sure others
> on list probably do as well, in the context of this list we don't give a
> hoot about it.
> I am sorry I don't have an answer for your questions regarding the
> ether-express pro nic however I am guessing that you will be able to find
> your answer by searching the archives of the following list or asking your
> question on there.
> Check this out and I hope it is helpful.
> Good luck and hth.
> At 12:20 PM 12/27/2002 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hi, I have installed slackware 8.1 with the speakup.i kernel and I have a
> >intel express pro 100 network card but the netconfig program can't find it
> >and I can't find the epro100 module.  I am connected by dsl so I can't use
> >pppd to connect and download stuff.  Are there network modules or how can I
> >go about getting my linux system connected to the internet?  I am also
> >running windows 98 SE.  bye
> >
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