Is there a list of radio links?

ccrawford at ccrawford at
Fri Dec 27 07:55:35 EST 2002

Hello All,

	So thanks to Janina's help, I've got the trplayer working.  Now 
the problem is that I use lynx to go to urls and get nowhere fast.  I've 
been to three radio station web istes and only one of them has a listen 
live button.  I click on that and lynx does not support whatever the 
protocol they are using.  Then I go to real player's web site and hit link 
17 to get to the guide of radio stations and the thig just hangs.  

	So now I am ready to listen with little to choose from.  Does 
anyone know of a list of urls to visit to get the radio stations?

-- charlie Crawford.

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