ALSA for Tecra 8100

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Well, I know this probabley doesn't help, but the sound card that comes with
tecra 8100 is the yamahah dsxg.  I checked out the list of supported cards
for alsa, and a couple of yamahah cards are listed there, but no dsxg models
I'm afraid.  I figured I'd be stuck with windows on this laptop here for
that reason.  Ah well, I'm not ready to convert the laptop to linux anyway.
Would be interested in a howto, though, if you get the drivers that come on
your toshiba restore CD to fly under linux.
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> The best way I was able to get sound working on the Tecra 8100 was using
> the oss drivers and not alsa.  I tweaked alsa until I turned blue in the
> face and nothing.  This is running Slackware 7.1, 8.0 and now 8.1 and
> still no-go.
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