speakup.i and ide-scsi conflict

Jude DaShiell dashielljt at gmpexpress.net
Thu Dec 26 04:26:15 EST 2002

When I booted into linux with linux hdd=ide-scsi, the boot up process
never made it to rc.local.  This leads me to the conclusion that speakup.i
has scsi emulation disabled in slackware 8.0.  That would explain this
failure and my additional speculation is that the builder of speakup.i if
he uses it on his own computer is backing his system up on 1.44mb floppy
disks.  For sure nothing else can be used as a backup medium unless zip
disks are used.  Linux is now about as expensive as windows over here not
because of screen reader technology but more because of all the failed
backup technology I've brought and tried out with it. I think slackware
should get the choices made to build these speakup kernels in separate
text files so that a linux user group can check out the choices made and
help a new user of linux rebuild their kernel with the right choices in
place.  It's unreasonable for new users of linux to be expected to know
the best answers to the questions asked when building a linux kernel.
Not only do they have to know about chip sets I never heard of until I
tried building a kernel for the first time but they also need to know what
impacts their choices are going to have on necessary functions of their
systems once built.  I've been programming professionally for the last 14
years and doing it amateur for another 7 years before that and it's been
because I've been on the software side exclusively that I hadn't heard of
that hardware.  Also, I wasn't in the market for the cmd6x chips since
there wasn't the money to buy them at that time.  Evidently, no matter
which kernel gets built it's always necessary to have at least scsi
emulation support turned on.  So, the going question is as follows.  Is
there a way a root user can interrogate the existing kernel and make it
write out a file with all of those configuration choices made in it when
it was first built?  I think I need this kernel reviewed by some local
lihjnux gurus wiser than myself and we'll probably end up doing a build of
a new kernel with some better choices made.  I expect it'll take a few
months to get the review and new build done, but it'll be worth the wait.
I'll be using the newest stable kernel available at that time for the
build too.  If I can get one for scsi built too, and get them zipped I'll
contribute to the speakup ftp site. -- Jude

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