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Tue Dec 24 20:47:21 EST 2002

Hi all,

	A followup to my posting of the availability of

	If you have a left windows key on your keyboard, the keymap works as per the README.

	If, on the other hand, your laptop has no Left  Windows key, you can follow one of the two procedures below:

1) If your laptop has extra keys with unassigned scancodes (ie when you press that key, you get a message like: "Keyboard: Unknown scancode E0 68", you can use this method). As root type:

# setkeycodes E068 125

	This will make the formerly unrecognized key act as the left windows key for use with

2) If your laptop does not have any extra keys, you can remap any convenient key to act as the Left Windows key, using this method:

First, find the keycode of the selected key that you want to remap by typing as a normal user:

	$ showkey

press the selected key, showkey will echo the keycode on press and release of that key. Wait 10 seconds without pressing any keys and showkey will exit.
- Now, with the keycode obtained, you can edit the file to effect the remapping of that key.

For example, if you chose the "caps_lock" key as the key you want to remap, showkey would tell you that the keycode for ":caps_lock" is 58. You then edit, find and change the line that says:

keycode 58 = caps_lock

to read:

keycode 58 = ShiftL

Note the cap S and cap L in ShiftL.

You might comment out the original line and add the new one as:

#keycode 58 = caps_lock
keycode 58 = ShiftL

You can use any key that is convenient and that you don't use/need for other purposes.



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